Organise an illustrated talk for your group, club or community and enjoy a virtual journey through wild London. Discover the habitats, species and history that makes London the diverse city it is today. Talks last between an hour and 90 minutes, followed by the opportunity for questions and discussion.

Available Titles

London; A Wild Capital

Discover the environmental history of the London area and the habitats which are present as a result today. Enjoy an overview of the amazing diversity of life found in London; the survivors and opportunists, the losers, and an array of newcomers on the scene.

From Hills to High Water: The Thames as a Wildlife Corridor

Take a virtual tour down the River Thames from source to sea. Encounter a range of habitats and a wide variety of species. Prepared to be seduced by seals and tickled by terns.

Life in a Watery World

Journey through the food chain of a fresh water habitat. Discover the producers, herbivores, carnivores and decomposers going about their lives just below the surface.

An Introduction to Ornithology

Discover the early days of ornithology and the pioneers of birding, demystify bird evolution, classification and  physiology. Prepare to be awed by some incredible avian adaptations and life-histories, then get right up to date with current hot topics from the field.

Autumn Wildlife in London

Discover the natural history goings on of Autumn; the science behind leaf colour change, the drama of the deer rut, the wonder of fungi and much more.

Seven Wild Wonders of London

Prepare to be amazed by seven incredible natural wonders right on your doorstep.


A Wild Capital Workshop consists of an illustrated introduction to the topic, followed by a session either outdoors or hands-on putting new skills to the test. Learning resources are available to use on the day and take home at the end to facilitate continued learning. Participants will develop identification skills, ecological knowledge and discover new ways to enjoy the outdoors.

Available Workshops

Introduction to Bird Watching

Identification skills and ecology. Includes use of a bird call microphone, binoculars and a telescope.

Introduction to Tree ID

Includes looking at leaves or buds (season dependent) as well as tree shape, bark and habitat. Free tree ID sheet.

Introduction to Invertebrates

Includes sweep netting, use of an identification key, hand lens and field microscope.

Discover Owls 

Includes viewing natural history artifacts, such as owl feathers, a skull and an antique taxidermy Little Owl. Also includes analysis of an owls diet through dissection of owl pellets (regurgitated material) and identification of the bones present.

The Wonder of Beeswax 

An induction to the world of bees, honey and wax. Followed by making a rolled beeswax candle and a melted wax balm.                       (Requires electricity)

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