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Did you know that the Thames is the cleanest city river in the world? Or that London is the greenest major city in Europe? Really! Whether you are a resident or a visitor, London’s green spaces hold much to explore. Wild Capital reveals the secrets of London’s hidden wild side…

London is a city bursting with natural life, if you know how to look. Even our most urban environments including buildings and pavements have been colonised by animals and plants. Find out how, explore urban ecology with us. The adaptable species which carve out a living in the urban centre are resilient and fascinating, and in the city’s green spaces wildlife is surprisingly diverse and abundant.

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Wild Capital creates enthralling experiences based around you, your family, group, school or community. We cater for complete newcomers to the world of wildlife all the way through to seasoned pros. Your experienced guide will tailor the programme accordingly ensuring all participants, young or old, are fascinated throughout.

Join us as we reveal the amazing diversity of nature in London, whether you choose to explore a park, nature reserve, church yard, urban pavement, or Old Father Thames himself. Learn not only how to see and identify the wildlife, but also how it survives in the city; its life story,  adaptations, behaviour and relationship with the human population.

Appropriate field equipment and will be available for your use during your programme. For family programmes we also provide materials for games and art.

Browse our pages to explore the activities available to you, but remember we can tailor any experience to you or your group, based on your interests, requirements and location. Please don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions.

About Brenna Boyle

Wild Capital programmes are designed and delivered by qualified zoologist and experienced nature guide Brenna Boyle. Brenna has long had a passion for natural history; her earliest memory is digging around in the compost heap looking for worms and woodlice.

She read Zoology at Durham University, then obtained a Masters degree in Ecology, Evolution and Conservation from Imperial College. Brenna’s academic background has provided strong ecological knowledge, but it has been work in the field which has really excited her. Seven years fieldwork has ranged from surveying Great Crested Newts in Essex to Nile Crocodiles in Namibia.

Brenna Boyle

For three years Brenna was a Ranger at Aigas Field Centre, attaining the position of Field Officer; responsible for the  delivery of wildlife programmes in the field. She guided groups of visiting adults and school children through the magnificent  Scottish Highlands, observing and discussing wildlife.

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Brenna made the difficult decision to leave Scotland for London, attracted by the exciting prospect of helping Londons residents and visitors connect with city wildlife. Five years ago she first began leading groups of school children in explorations of the River Thames, with the Thames Explorer Trust. She returned to this as a freelance teacher in 2012 and also works as Learning Deliverer for the Creekside Education Trust.

It was the great diversity of life associated with the Thames that led to a desire to raise the profile of London’s wildlife, and prompted the creation of Wild Capital in 2013.

Thames Wildlife Walk

 Brenna Boyle is  a qualified first aider, trained by the British Association of Ski Patrollers in Outdoor First Aid. She is an environmental teacher with ten years experience in education and is Disclosure and Barring Service checked.

Environmental communication is key to generating interest in wider audiences. Brenna writes nature articles for Get West London, an online newspaper. She has appeared on national television and radio:

  • Summer 2011: National Geographic television demonstration (beaver skull mechanics)
  • November 2012: BBC Autumnwatch Unsprung television appearance (Chris Packham’s quiz team)
  • November 2012: BBC Autumnwatch Red Button live television and internet commentary (on live wildlife footage and answering questions from the public)
  • November 2012: BBC Scotland radio interview (the science behind autumn colours)
  • October 2015: ITV London report on London rivers

Brenna Boyle Autumnwatch

Brenna is an author on a published scientific paper:  Aust, P., Boyle, B., Fergusson, R., and Coulson, T. (2009) The impact of Nile crocodiles on rural livelihoods in North Eastern Namibia. South African Journal of Wildlife Research. Vol:39, Pages:57-69.