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Clients and Partners


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Sir John Lister-Kaye OBE, Aigas Field Centre  

“Every once in a while, if you are lucky, you get to work with someone special, someone who breaks through the silly nonsense of workaday human relationships and transcends the trivial, partisan glop that so often defeats and depresses us all.  Brenna is one of those.  I look back on working with her for four years with real delight: delight in her professionalism, her enthusiasm, her splendid common sense and humanity.

Not only is she a highly competent field naturalist, well versed in her subject, but she is also a passionate and committed nature conservationist who believes in environmental education as a life force.

I have worked with many young people in my time.  Brenna stands out as one of the very best.”

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Karen Heaney, Feb 2018

“My partner and I enjoyed a private wildlife walk along the Thames at Barnes with Brenna on a cold January morning. She was the most inspiring guide, opening our eyes to to the extraordinary range of plant and bird life right on our doorstep. Brenna is a great communicator – it was a privilege to spend a couple of hours with someone who is so passionate about her work and shares her knowledge so generously.”

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Aaron Frazer, 2017

“Having gone on an excellent course last year at City Lit coordinated by Brenna, I was confident that a personalised walk in Richmond Park for my mum’s birthday would be just the ticket. It was even better than I expected. Brenna organises fantastic, insightful and incredibly memorable walks. The depth and variety of her knowledge is extraordinary. My mum sent me this email today to be put up in the review which puts it better than I can; “My son gifted me a bird walk in Richmond Park with Brenna for my birthday and it was one of the most memorable and thoroughly enjoyable presents that I have ever received. Not only is Brenna delightful, very personable and friendly, she is also an expert in her field and she is able to convey her knowledge enthusiastically and in a way that makes everything accessible. We saw an incredible number of birds, far more than I ever could have hoped for and Brenna`s expertise enabled her to point out species both near and in the far distance that would be invisible to anyone just walking through the park. She was also quite happy to wait for as long as we wanted to admire particular birds. The three hours I spent with Brenna were totally joyful and I felt that I had learnt so much and I would more than highly recommend a guided walk with her”. What else can I say? Absolutely fantastic. Thanks so much Brenna!”


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Jackie Caine, May 2015

“Brenna was an excellent guide; we learned so much from just a short walk near to our office, and were amazed at some of the stuff we saw. We are a group of Biologists, so have watched so much David Attenborough that we think we’ve seen it all, and that you might find something new in the Amazon maybe, but then with Brenna’s guidance we saw things we’ve never seen before in London! Things like the Leaf-Curling spider and red galls on the lime trees were a great find, and just quietly watching fledgling Blackbirds being fed by mum and dad was wonderful.

The tour with Brenna was much like going for a walk with a very knowledgeable friend! We all loved it and would definitely do it again.”


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kids recommendation

kids recommendation2


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Jan Hetherington, January 2014

My 2 teenage granddaughters and I had a wonderful morning in Kensington Gardens with Brenna. We couldn’t believe how much wildlife we found, thanks to Brenna and I can’t speak highly enough of her amazing knowledge and interesting way of putting it over. Her attention to detail in what she provided for the girls was really good and I recommend anyone to take part in one of her programmes.


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Annabelle More O’Ferrall, December 2013

My 7 year old daughter was lucky enough to be invited by a friend on a nature programme with Brenna. I was so impressed with everything she told me I decided to go on a programme myself, taking with me my 8 year old son, Rory, and his friend Oscar. The excitement started with a climb down on to the foreshore of the River Thames at low tide and continued throughout the morning as Brenna helped us discover a rich and varied animal and plant life. It was every little boy’s dream: we waded into the water, fished with nets and lifted rocks to find new discoveries, recording it all in beautiful tailor-made booklets. Brenna’s enthusiasm and depth of knowledge, coupled with her personable nature and gift with children, is wonderful – we were so absorbed we barely noticed the cold December morning. I had mentioned to Brenna beforehand that both Rory and Oscar were Cubs Scouts – she tailored their programme to comply with the requirements of a badge and at the end presented them with certifications to that effect. Amazing


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Liz Worthy, August 2013

Our secondary school booked Brenna from Wild Capital to deliver a ‘Wildlife Day’ with our year seven students.
Brenna was extremely professional in her approach as we liaised about the planning for the day. As a result, the day was highly organised, well managed and ran very smoothly.
Brenna is a skilled educator; displaying enthusiasm, an incredible depth of knowledge and the ability to engage with a group of mixed ability students. Within minutes of the workshop starting the students were engrossed!
We had a really enjoyable time searching for’ creepy crawlies’ and it was brilliant to see how much wildlife there was on our site that if not for Brenna, we would have been ignorant of. For days afterwards the students were still talking about their ‘Wildlife Day’.
Thanks again, Brenna!

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Claire, April 2013

Brenna came to our local area in Hackney and took us out for a guided walk around the Waterworks Nature Reserve. It was a present for my 5 year old niece’s birthday and she absolutely loved it. Brenna has a really lovely way of talking to and engaging with children, and gauged very well how to enthuse my niece.

She also managed to strike the right balance and explain lots of new things to us adults. It was fantastic to see wildlife up close through her telescope and binoculars. I’d really recommend her to anyone as a very knowledgeable guide – you end up feeling hugely better informed about the wildlife in your local area than before, but also like you have only scratched the surface of Brenna’s knowledge.


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‘Your Local Patch’ Participant, February 2013

“Brenna from Wild Capital spent a morning exploring our neighborhood garden with my two-year-old daughter and me.

Brenna had several games for my daughter to play. Together we discovered all sorts of bugs, slugs, caterpillars and spiders, made tree-rubbings and other natural artwork and found where the squirrels had been burying and cracking open nuts.

We found out that our garden is visited by fox and badger and the names of some of the songbirds we hear. I also learned about a number of the plants I was curious about. There were a few mystery plants which Brenna photographed and followed up by emailing me with their identification.

Wild Capital was a fun and enriching experience and I now have new ways to connect my daughter to the natural world. Weeks after her visit, my daughter is still talking about Brenna.”


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Jill Brooks, Headteacher, February 2013

Brenna came into our primary school to talk to the children about wildlife. She led assembly on the topic of “Garden Birds” and then worked with individual classes. The children were enthralled with her stories and thrilled with her artefacts, photographs and activities.

Brenna has a real talent for enthusing children and ensuring that each individual is involved in a fun and hands on way. She is sensitive and skilled in responding to questions and concerns raised by the children and leaves them with positive curiosity to become further involved in the natural world.

We have a creativity “Looking after our planet” week coming up in March. The children’s first question? “Will Brenna come back?” We are all delighted that the answer is “YES!” and we are looking forward to two days of great activities delivered in Brenna’s extremely knowledgeable, calmly competent, excitingly individual style.


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