Is love in the air for the Robin?



I am meant to be doing office work right now, but I keep being lured to the window by the antics of three Robins. They chase one another along the fence line, hop after one another through the branches of a tree, sing and posture at one another by swelling up their red chests. At this time of year Robins are pairing up, some will already have done so. Getting together involves the female moving into the territory of a male. This can initially lead to some aggressive territorial behaviour from the male, who is used his private bachelor pad. This behaviour will quickly subside if the pair are to one anothers liking.

The dynamics of the three birds out my window are hard to pin down; perhaps a resident male being visited by two interest ladies, perhaps a pair already getting to know one another and being disturbed by an intruder, perhaps three individuals arguing about their own territory boundaries. The lives of these little birds are fascinating, particularly when love is in the air!

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