Leaf Cutter Bee in action

Leaf Cutter BeeWhat a wonderful action shot of a Leaf Cutter Bee (megachile centuncularis). In June and July a female Leaf Cutter Bee will cut oval sections from leaves, primarily roses, willows, lilacs and laburnums. She will roll up the piece of leaf, sealing it at one end, before filling it with nectar and pollen and laying a single egg inside. The open end of the leaf chamber is sealed with a circular cut section of leaf. She will fill a tunnel, or in this case a piece of hollow bamboo within in a minibeast home, with these leaf chambers. What amazing ecology, captured here by Wendy Meredith. Thanks for sharing your picture Wendy! This photo is also perfectly shot for identification. Leaf Cutter Bees look similar to honey bees but can be identified by their pollen brush; bright orange hairs on the underside of the abdomen, seen clearly here.

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