Snow is Falling!

What an impressive covering of snow today for London, and the snow hasn’t stopped falling yet. Whilst this weather may bring excitement, or sometimes frustration, for the human residents of London, lets not forget the birds. Our small feathered neighbours have to battle on in this weather. At my local green space today I watched a large flock of Goldfinches searching for food; plucking at the seeds of London Plane trees. I watched Blackbirds carrying out their daily hunt for invertebrates in the leaf litter, although today the leaves were weighed down with snow. I became engrossed in the territory battle of two Robins. Even in the coldest weather Robins sing, sit in obvious places with their red breast on display and will chases away invaders to their patch. They are the only bird which sings in the winter and remains territorial at this time, the reason being that having an exclusive territory gives them undivided rights to the food sources in their patch at the harshest time of year.

Here are a few pictures of London’s snow day:

Goldfinches - small

Blackbird2 - small

Robin in Snow - small


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