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Great Ramshorn Snail 0

Great Ramshorn Snail

Great indeed! What a big beauty of a water snail. Like me, you may well have come across smaller Ramshorns Snails in freshwater sites. But this species, the mighty Great Ramshorn Snail (Planorbaruis corneus) is...

Snail shells 0

Snail shells

Two different types of snail shell discovered today in the Thames. The top one is a Nerite Snail (Theodoxus fluviatilis), the bottom one is a Laver Spire Shell (Hydrobia ulvae). Both can tolerate the...

Exploring the Thames 0

Exploring the Thames

What a great group of explorers I had out with me today. I awarded them the prize for biggest leech found on the Thames! How many leeches can you spot in their tray? The...